“Being canndescent entails applying your best and highest self to all things at all times. It means working harder, striving for excellence, and engaging your reason and intellect at every turn. It also means being a wonderful friend, relative, neighbor or partner even though you’re busy as hell at work. It means transacting all of your affairs with honesty, integrity, generosity and compassion. It means bringing energy when you’re tired, and somehow finding another gear when almost all others would tap out. It means getting up when you fail, and having the courage to fail in the first place. It means transcending the life you were born into, and running down the life you want.” ~ Adrian Sedlin CEO

Our Mission

To cultivate transformative products and services
that tune and enrich the human experience



We seek our best self and demand the best of ourselves at all times.


We value each other deeply and unlock happiness by appreciating life.


We use integrity to define our conduct and products.


We work hard, have fun, and make history.


We have a deep sense of personal ownership over our successes and mistakes.


We live fearlessly and make bold calculated decisions.

We love our people

Canndescent Moments

A Canndescent Moment is when you have an experience that makes you appreciate that you’re part of something special. It’s anchored in our value of Gratitude.

“What’s special about Canndescent is that they really do care about their employees and the idea of the organic brand, being conscious about not touching the flower and how careful they are about what’s going out.”

PAIGE BIGGS - Production Lead

“When you come to a Canndescent event, you see people connecting, creating, and actually elevating their whole experience.”

CHEYNE NADEAU - Sr. Experiential Manager

“The one thing I love about working for Canndescent is the people and the environment. Everyone’s just happy all the time.”

NANCY PEREZ - Propagation